The productions of the chemical industry are ubiquitous in contemporary life. By creating chemistry for advanced structures with the employment of modish tools and lab equipments, we are capable to achieve innovative formulations, which are simple to apply and have conspicuous physical properties. Founded to brighten the industries of paints, inks, plastics, lacquers, photo-processing, fibers and solutions, we Vinipul Inorganics Private Limited have deep-rooted a sound infrastructural base that is accoutered with progressive and cutting-edge lab equipments. As we know that chemical sector is a central part of the national economy, we relentlessly invest in the development and modification of our infrastructural provisions. We are equipped with a state of the art production line, which is of a suitable area so as to insure round the clock production of products. Necessary safety regulations and guidelines are duly followed to ensure the safety of our staff and the chemical products. The production setup of provide the benefits, bulletined below:

  • The specialized equipments can be easily replaced after being destroyed, due to the large availability of equipments.
  • The execution of composition analysis can be easily done.
  • Provides a higher level of flexibility and development—delivering a solution, a specific product, or a branded color that makes an effect closer to you.
  • Boosts productivity in the served industrial sectors.
  • Regular availability of chemicals with immense quantities.
  • The focus lies on making 'concept-driven' chemicals.
  • The chemical synthesis section is capable of producing novel colorants, new finishing agents, developing micro-encapsulated finishing agents and analyzing the industrial enzymes.